2615221-wily castle

Wily's Castle was Dr. Wily's base in the "Let the Games Begin!" story arc. It was guarded by the Yellow Devil and was the base of operations for Dr. Wily's plans. When Mega Man defeated the reprogrammed Robot Masters , he stormed the castle to find and defeat Wily. Mega Man battled and defeated the yellow devil and came face to face with the rebuilt robot masters, whom he then talked into rebelling against Dr. Wily. The Castle was mainly destroyed in the final showdown between Mega Man and Dr. Wily, and was left abandoned until much later when Mega Man, Ice Man and Cut Man returned to (once again) try and track down Dr. Wily. On their journey through the castle they discovered a secret passage that led to a water filled area below. They defeated CWU-01P and arrived back where they started, they gave up their search of the castle and left to persue other means of finding Dr. Wily and rescuing the kidnapped Roll .