Hello Everyone. I am Smasher51, and, as you can probably tell form my username, I'm a huge fan of the Super Smash Bros. series. But as you probably all know, I wouldn't be here if that was the only thing I enjoyed (Life would just be boring). A little story of how I got here.

I was having a regular day, just browsing the Internet, when I found out that they were making a fourth Smash Game (which I now own), and who other than the Blue Bomber himself. I didn't give him much heed, but later I started to wonder. So I went over to Mega Man Knowledge Base, and carried a vast knowledge of Mega Man Classic, a little less X knowledge, a teeny little less of Battle Network and Zero. and very little knowledge of Legends and Star Force. Anyway, one of the things I found out was that there was a comic series. Then one day, me and my family decided to stop at a comic store, where I walked out with Mega Man Graphic Novels 1 and 2 and Mega Man Issue 32. Later I got Mega Man Graphic Novels 4 and 3 (unfortunately in that order).

Last December, I finally got my Wikia account, and immediately joined Smashepedia, since that was the wiki whose community I knew the most about before I got my account. I joined Smash Fanon Wiki the next day, and apparently I also joined Game Hubs (I participate in only one poll).

I had plans of expanding my influence so to speak, and considered joining Mega Man Knowledge Base, but since I've learned most of what I know from MMKB, I would probably only be able to write on the comics and the series' role in Smash Bros. The key phrase was comics. Then I remembered you guys, and here I am.

Anyway, I want to help improve and add pages and get to know you guys. I hope to be a help, and not a nuisance. See ya later.

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