Elec Man
Technical Data
Model Number: DLN-008
Function: Energy Management
Affiliations: Light Labs
Dr. Thomas Light (Creator)
Special Weapon: Thunder Beam
Weakness: Rolling Cutter
Powers & Abilities: Electrical Disruption
First Appearance: Archie Mega Man Issue 1

Elec Man is one of the original Robot Masters and was built by Dr. Wily and Dr. Light. His original function was to revolutionize power management. Dr. Wily reprogrammed him and made him fight Mega Man. When Dr. Wily ordered hm to deploy the robots he sent him, Elec Man instead decided to give himself their power and electrify the factory. However, his efforts were in vain and he was defeated by Mega Man's Rolling Cutter. He was one of the main Robot Masters to fight the reprogramming and killed the Copy Mega Man that Wily created. His programming had him kill a Mega Man so he found a way around it. He originally was the first one to try and kill Mega Man, but Fire Man stopped him. His main attack is the Thunder Beam and his weakness is the Rolling Cutter. With his overcharged body, he is resistant to Time Man's ability. He is also immune to tasers as seen in the Spritus Ex Machina story arc.

He was wounded in the attack by Mega man in the Mega Man 2 adaptation. He was taken back to Light Labs to be repaired.

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